Sunday, December 22, 2013

Cut Copy Concert

{I'm wearing an Urban Outfitters x Unif camo jacket from Ebay, Forever 21 t shirt, Urban Outfitters jeans, TUK creepers}
{My friend is wearing a thrift leather jacket, Urban Outfitters cami, unknown jeans and shoes}

A few weeks ago my friend and I went to a Cut Copy concert and the Boston House of Blues. It was amazing. They kinda peaked in 2008, but nevertheless they’re completely captivating live and have a great balance of electronic and eclectic sounds. My friend and I were probably the youngest people there, and there were a lot of drunk-and-arrogant-in-their-mid-twenties types there. It was still amazing. I highly recommend going to one of their concerts.  We also met Dan Whitford (the vocals, keyboard, and guitar of the group) on the street about an hour later which was surreal. 

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  1. I adore this hair color on you! You look amazing girl!